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Gustamps Stamp Collectors 2015 Awards

Gustamps have announced that the Gustamps awards for best album page goes to Frank Mell.
The Gustamps award which included an extra prize of a deluxe stamp album and other philatellic accessories, went to Mr Mell for his impressive single page display of Zululand stamps. There was a lot of competition for the Gustamps album page award this year but Mr Frank Mell was voted outright winner for the best display and won the Gustamps First Prize. Gustamps runner up prizes were as follows; second prize to Miss K Soler and Gustamps third prize to Robert Camping. Gustamps hope to run the popular Gustamps competition again next year.

Gustamps news flash USPS make 80 million mistakes 

One of Gustamps United States stamp colectors made an interesting remark to Gustamps during his recent visit to Gustamps Sussex stamp shop. The visitor to Gustamps said "it looks like the US postal service made a blunder when they issued a stamp for Maya Angelou." Gustamps was told by the man that the stamp had a quote inscribed on it "a bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song." The American visitor told Gustamps that the quote is from a poetry book printed in 1967 entitled "A Cup of Sun" by the poet Anglund. He told Gustamps "what an embarrassment for the United States Postal Service. The mistake was repeated over 80 million times on every stamp which was issued by the USPS. Thanks from Gustamps to Mr.P from Ohio USA for pointing out the interesting fact and allowing Gustamps to share it with other readers." 
Gustamps request to the Royal Mail
Lots of Gustamps customers have told Gustamps that often postal packets are received by them from Gustamps as well as from other sources through the post where the stamps have not been properly postmarked by the Royal Mail, but have been scribbled on and defaced with a pen rendering the stamps useless to stamp collectors. On behalf of Gustamps stamp collecting customers and other philatelists receiving items cancelled with a biro, Gustamps respectfully request that the Royal Mail cease this practice which is upsetting to stamp collectors and to postmark the stamps correctly. Gustamps believe it is in the interest of Gustamps and also of the Royal Mail that stamp collectors receive properly cancelled stamps which they can include in their stamp albums and not have to be discarded. Gustamps want to promote stamp collecting as a hobby and hope that the Royal Mail consider Gustamps request on behalf of Gustamps customers and stamp collectors generally. 

Barney's Red Bird Stamp
When Barney Reid came into Gustamps shop he brought along a strange red stamp for Gustamps to identify. The small definitive size stamp was perforated and printed in orange-red. Gustamps saw the stamp depicted a bird flying towards the sea. The stamp Barney showed Gustamps was a '12' value inscribed GEMEINDE FALKONSEE. Barney asked, "Can someone at Gustamps tell me what this is?" Gustamps sales person told Barney that it looked German and called Gustamps manager for help. Gustamps manager told Barney the stamp was a local issue for Falkonsee which is situated near Berlin in Germany. Gustamps manager said the stamp dates back to just after World War II and was issued circa 1945. Barney was pleased with Gustamps explanation and went on to spend over £30 on stamps at Gustamps for himself and friends. Thanks to Mr Barney Reid for letting Gustamps share his experience whilst at Gustamps in Brighton.