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Scarce GB Postage Due Cover Available from Gustamps

Gustamps are pleased to offer the cover commemorating the 1st UK Postage Due stamp, issued 20/4/1914. Gustamps points out that the cover bears a post and go type Royal Mail stamp inscribed 'Postage Due.' From a restricted issue available exclusively from the British Postal Museum archive in London. The postage due cover available from Gustamps was exceptionaly postmarked on a Sunday (20/4/2014). Exactly one hundred years to the day of the first postage due stamp. This Gustamps' postage due cover also bears decimal and pre-decimal postage due stamps with cachet 'extra-charge to pay Sunday 20/4/14 - postage due.' For more information about this important postal history item, please contact Gustamps and ask Gustamps for details quoting Gustamps reference number, Gustamps GP07 GB Postage due cover.