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Never guess the value of your stamp collection
Gustamps say never guess the value of your stamp collection. Too often stamp collectors have told Gustamps they have looked on Ebay as a Guide to the value of their stamp collection. The result was that often they ended up even more confused to the value. Gustamps point out to newcommers to the hobby that stamps listed on Ebay may seem similar, but they are often totally different to the stamps the collector has. Even slight variations in colour, watermarks or perforation size can change the market valuation of the stamps. 
Gustamps say the condition of stamps is paramount to the stamps value. Not to mention basic differences such as mint or used, perforate or imperforate, all of these factors change the valuation of stamps and determine the value. Even different printings say Gustamps can alter a stamp's value. Do not try to guess the value by comparing your stamps to those on Ebay. Professional advice is available free of charge. Gustamps have been dealing in stamps for over 40 years and offer collectors the opportunity to have their stamps valued professionally free of charge.
You can contact Gustamps for a free expert valuation now telephone Gustamps on 01273 326994 or visit Gustamps at their shop in Brighton.