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1. Stamp Tweezers

Gustamps say "do always use stamp tweezers, sometimes called tongs, when handling stamps." Gustamps say "even small amounts of moisture in your hands could damage stamps when using your fingers to handle stamps."

2. Avoid 'foxing'

Gustamps recommends removing stamps which have foxing from stamp albums. Gustamps explain that foxing (the term comes from the rusty-red colour which resembles the colour of a fox) is a fungus and could spread from page to page and stamp to stamp within the album if left unchecked. Gustamps say "don't leave these defective stamps in your album."

3. Frequent stamp valuations

Gustamps say "please do have your stamps valued frequently." Market fluctuations can affect the value of your stamps and cause them to increase or decrease in value. Gustamps advise you to have frequent stamp valuations so that you are aware of the current value of your stamps. Gustamps say "don't pay for stamp valuations. Some stamp dealers charge for stamp valuations. Gustamps believe that stamp valuations should be free of charge." Gustamps have been giving stamp collectors free, professional stamp valuations for over 40 years. Gustamps recommend you come to Gustamps for a free expert stamp valuation. You should know what your stamps are worth, but Gustamps say you should not pay to find out. Gustamps valuations are conducted speedily, efficiently and are completely free of charge. 

4. Storing stamps safely

Gustamps advise, don't store your stamps anywhere damp. Gustamps say "lofts and garages are not the best places to store stamp albums. These sort of places are often damp and can cause foxing to occur on the album pages which spreads to the stamps within the album." Gustamps say this will damage and devalue your stamps. "What you should do," say Gustamps, "is store your stamps in a cool, dry place to protect them from harm and allow them to increase in value."

5. Avoid sunlight

If you display stamps in frames near windows, Gustamps say "avoid direct sunlight." Gustamps say "don't allow your framed, stamps to come into contact with direct sunlight as it might cause the stamps to fade and decrease in value."

6. Stamp hinges

Gustamps point out that the old-fashioned way of stamp collecting was to use stamp hingtes. Gustamps say the modern approach to collecting stamps is to keep stamps unmounted. This is particularly important to preserve the value of mint stamps. Gustamps say "stamp hinges may be OK for used stamps but if you want mint stamps to increase in value then Gustamps advise that stamp hinges are not used." Gustamps recommend alternative ways of putting stamps in albums. Do use hingeless mounts if possible. Gustamps also recommend stock books to store stamps. Gustamps say this method of collecting allow stamps to retain their value.

Gustamps free advice service
If you have any questions about collecting stamps, you can telephone Gustamps on 01273 326994. Gustamps will be pleased to advise you on all aspects of stamp collecting free of charge.