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Free stamps and FDCs from Gustamps

To promote stamp collecting Gustamps have a policy of giving stamps away free of charge to junior stamp collectors. Gustamps do so to encourage young people to collect stamps. Gustamps believe stamp collecting is an educational aid and help directly with history studies, as well as geography and other aspects of a broader view of the all countries around the globe. Parents of young people eager to start up a stamp collection should contact Gustamps on 01273 326994 for more information about free stamps for their children from Gustamps. 

Stamps clubs get free stamps from Gustamps as well!
Gustamps supply free stamps to stamp clubs to promote and encourage philately. Gustamps advise stamp club organisers to promote the hobby and Gustamps advice is free. Gustamps also supply stamps free of charge which can be given to stamp club members at meetings and as prizes at stamp quizes. If you organise or run a stamp study group or a stamp club then contact Gustamps stamp club coordinator for more details. 

Please note only bona-fide stamp clubs should apply.