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Saturday squad reunion at Gustamps

The Saturday squad was the nick-name for a group of Gustamps regular customers. The group of 10 people met regularly at Gustamps shop in Brighton every Saturday morning. The Gustamps Saturday squad often met at a cafe near Gustamps shop for tea or coffee prior to Gustamps shop opening, and then congregated outside Gustamps waiting for the shop to open at 9am. The Gustamps Saturday squad were the most regular group of Gustamps customers for many years during the 1970s and the 1980s, first at Gustamps Dukes Lane shop, and then at Gustamps shop in Prince Albert Street in Brighton. Unfortunately the Saturday squad became fewer over the years mainly due to old age. This year George (age 85) one of the founder members of the Gustamps Saturday squad contacted several members of the squad for a reunion at Gustamps shop. It was great to see the old Gustamps Saturday squad back at Gustamps shop. The reunion at Gustamps was on 21st June - a Saturday. George and the other Saturday squad people plan to meet at Gustamps again next year. 

Gustamps thanks George and members of Gustamps Saturday squad for letting Gustamps publish this blog.

Mr Tansey's Memories of 2010

Jack Tansey a regular customer at Gustamps Brighton shop was talking to Gustamps GB specialist. The conversation between Mr Tansey and Gustamps GB man was about famous and rare stamps. Mr Tansey told Gustamps GB man how he remembered going to the British library in 2010. Gustmps GB man heard that 2010 was a particularly auspicious year for philatelists. It was the festival of stamps year. The British library had a special display of rare stamps and Mr Tansey went along to see them. Gustamps GB man was told famous stamps such as the Hawaii Missionary stamp of 1852 and the post office Mauritius of 1847 were on display to the public. Jack Tansey told Gustamps GB man he went on a special tour of the stamp conservation centre. Mr Tansey also said he went to several themed presentations whilst he was there. Gustamps GB man asked Mr Tansey what the tours were about. Mr Tansey replied to Gusatmps GB man that there were lots, he could not remember all of them but one was about stamp conservation issues. Mr Tansey told Gustamps GB man that the presentation he liked the best was about British library research resources. Gustamps GB man said to Mr Tansey "Golly, that sounds interesting, I wish I had been there." Mr Tansey told Gustamps GB man "there is a permanent stamp display at the British Library, you should visit it sometime, its in Euston Road in London." Mr Tansey then said to Gustamps GB man, "you better show me some nice GB stamps, I've come to Gustamps to spend some money not chat all morning!"

Gustamps and especially Gustamps GB specialist would like to thank Mr Jack Tansey for his great memories of 2010 and allowing Gustamps to share them with other readers.